Social Media Marketing Services Tampa Bay

Social media marketing will compliment a public relations or content/inbound marketing strategy providing traffic and sales leads to your website. Social media should now be part of your communications; it's not a question of if, it's how.

The goal is to connect with potential customers, but most important is to drive traffic, and leads, to your website. Brand On Marketing creates content strategies for social media that are best suited for connecting with your target audience and buyer personas.

Some things to consider in the planning process are:

  • Which channels are best suited for my business? Know where your target audience lives!
  • How will we define success? Sometimes it's simply the number of followers or fans. A better measure will be the amount business that's generated as a result of your efforts. Either way, set goals and deadlines and adapt as needed.
  • Do I have the resources to maintain a consistent effort? Can you do this in-house, or will you need some outside help?
  • What tools are available to increase efficiency? Depending on if you have a team of contributors or if you go solo, we can recommend the tool that's right for you.

Brand On Marketing offers social media management services that keep your audience consistently engaged with your brand. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Social Media Management

Most organizations struggle to find time for social media marketing. You put your clients’ needs first and end up neglecting your own marketing initiatives.

Implementing a social media campaign is exciting. To reach your goals, it needs strategic direction that facilitates a two-way relationship with your online audience. Like all successful communications, that means listening and engaging.

Listening to your current and potential customers gives you direction and purpose for your social marketing efforts. Brand On Marketing will conduct research to identify where your most active and influential audience spends its time. We'll monitor online conversations about your brand and industry in order to create opportunities for discussion about your business. There are a number of monitoring tools available that best suit your budget. We can find what’s right for your business.

Engagement means publishing compelling content, interacting and finding ways to activate conversations with your audience and community. Social media connect you with potential customers and people who influence them and their buying decisions. They also create the perfect opportunity to retain control of your messaging and communicate your brand personality.

Brand On Marketing’s social media management services are an excellent way to keep your marketing initiatives moving. Contact us today to see how we can help.